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Interfaces Utilisateur 3D Hybrid Approach Biomedical ontologies Classification 3D morphable model Phase recognition Champs aléatoires Deep forest regression Human Machine Interaction Interaction 3D Dense information Machine Learning 3D User Interfaces Human-Computer Interaction Réalité virtuelle Assisted annotation Synthetic data Imaging biobank Réalité Mixte Adaptive Regression Forest Signal processing Co-manipulation User studies Hybrid method Plasticité multimodale HCI Machine learning Collaboration RGB-D Perception Surgical workflow Mixed Reality Télémaintenance Multi-stream model DICOM 3D User Interaction Arbres de décision Single RGB Image Radiation protection 3D Hand Skeleton Software engineering Hand-crafted Features 3D eyeball Conscience situationnelle Ontology development Deep Learning for Visual Perception Gaze estimation Computer Graphics Plasticité Cooperation and Collaboration Réalité augmentée Head pose estimation Random Forest Adaptation and reconfiguration SLAM Virtual Reality Deformable model RGB-D camera Temporal Learning Medical domain ontology Détection du regard Ontology reuse and alignment Scene coordinate prediction Visual Servoing Augmented Reality Multi-stream Learning Semantic web Redistribution Tracking Collaborative Virtual Environments Plasticity 3D Interaction Pupil localization Split function Réalité Virtuelle Regression Détection de la pupille Step recognition 3D ultrasound images Estimation du regard Redistribution d'IHM First-person Hand Activity Awareness in Collaboration Systems Camera relocalization Imaging biomarker Pose estimation Virtual reality Activity recognition Eye tracking Knowledge representation 3D User Interfaces 3DUI Awareness Cognitive and Psychological Issues in Collaboration Collaborative interaction Shared Virtual Reality and Applications Deep learning Camera Relocalization Coordination