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UR 4712 - Open Access Repository

Director: Prof Marc Vérin

University of Rennes 1, 2 avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard - CS 34317- 35043 Rennes Cedex, Campus Santé de Villejean - France

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Noyaux gris centraux Quality of life Télémédecine Deep-brain stimulation Activation-suppression Prevalence Humans Scoliosis Amyloid Psychotropes Neuropsychiatry Nosology Asymmetry Parkinson's disease Adolescent Benzodiazepine EEG Cognitive control Prostate cancer 18FDG-PET Psychophysiology Schizophrenia Apathie Meta-analysis Brain metabolism Obsessive compulsive disorder Paediatric patients Subthalamic nucleus Simon task Emotion Deep brain stimulation Evoked potentials Medical and technical networks Orbitofrontal cortex Enfant FMRI Cerebellum Physiology Adult Depression Neurofeedback Dementia Placebo Horses Emotion recognition Cognitive action control Reward Subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation Apomorphine FDOPA Motor Multiple sclerosis Antidepressants Brain disorders Multimodal imaging Computer-assisted surgery Electrophysiology Kinetic analysis Monitoring Multiple Sclerosis Medical imaging Schizophrénie Anxiety Epilepsy Basal ganglia Motivation Axial motor symptoms Positron emission tomography Prognosis Dopamine Personality PET Psychiatry Publication bias Emotional prosody Cingulate gyrus Apathy Risk Factors Intraoperative Alzheimer's disease Guidelines Réseaux médico-techniques MRI Neurodegenerative diseases Maladie de Parkinson Developmental epileptic encephalopathy Major depressive disorder Executive functions COVID-19 Epistemology Apomorphine pump Electroencephalography Recommandations ADHD Impulsivity Deep Brain Stimulation Parkinson’s disease Electroencephalogram Clinical electrophysiology Child