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Polysilicon Couches minces Photoluminescence Photonic Photonics Nanowires Procédé SLS Flexible electronics Thin Film Transistors Carbon nanotubes Photonique intégrée Organic electronics Access resistance Thin film transistors Bridged cyclo-oligophenylenes Deep UV210 polymer Active layer Organic semiconductor Integrated photonics Μ-Si doped Field effect transistors Deep UV polymer Gas sensor Nanoribbons Mid-IR Organic semiconductors PECVD Fonctionnalisation de surface Microcapteurs Resistor Plasma etching Polycrystalline silicon Inkjet printing Chalcogenide Silicium CMOS compatible Nanofils Electrical detection Silicon nanowires Copper LPCVD Gold Chemical sensors Méthode des espaceurs Temperature Polycrystalline materials Functionalization Micro-resonators Organic electronic devices Electrical stability Silicium microcristallin Organic-inorganic hybrid composites Microcrystalline silicon Chemical detection Micro-résonateurs Silicon Polymer Thin films Photodetector Low temperature Synthesis Cluster compounds Microelectronics Polymers Deformation Nanofils de silicium Density of states Low-frequency noise Diazonium salts Sensitivity Amorphous materials ICP-CVD Microcapteur Low temperatures Basse température Flexible substrate Nano-inscribed slots Microresonators Chemical sensor Microsensors Low temperature electronics Integrated optics Low-cost silicon nanowires devices Biosensor Sensors Doping Organic field effect transistors Bacteria detection Electrical performance CMOS integrated circuits Organic field effect transistor Titanium nitride Microfluidique Electrodes Infrared In-situ doping PH Fatty acid Gel/fluid phase transition Microfluidic