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Chalcogenide glass Ketones C-H bond functionalization Electrical properties Agostic interactions DFT Density functional calculations Electrochemistry Luminescence Hydrogen bonding Ring-opening polymerization Hydrogenation Antioxidant activity Boron Palladium Phase transitions Hirshfeld surface analysis Reduction AIM Single Molecule Magnet X-ray diffraction Alkaline earth metals Metallaborane Ligand design Hydrogen Antiproliferative activity Chirality Iron Optical properties Rhenium Magnetic properties Iridium Hirshfeld surface N-heterocyclic carbene Quinoline Nonlinear optics Cross-coupling Crystal structure Alkaline-earth metals Asymmetric synthesis Synthesis Rhodium DFT calculations Helicenes X-Ray Calcium Lanthanides Single-crystal X-ray diffraction NLO Propargylic fluorides Cobalt Secondary interactions Catalysis Molecular docking Cyclic voltammetry Reaction mechanisms Fluorescence Barium Spectroscopy Ab initio calculations Molybdenum Tetrathiafulvalene Deprotonative metalation IR spectroscopy Stereochemistry Circularly polarized luminescence Photophysical properties Olefin metathesis Lead Intermetallics Single-crystal X-ray study Homogeneous catalysis Conduction mechanism Ruthenium Ligands Zinc Lithium Silicon Porphyrins Regioselectivity Heterocycles NMR Chemical synthesis Copper Pyridine Cluster compounds X-ray molecular structure Ferrocene Fluorine Nuclear magnetic resonance Liquid crystals Deprotometalation Nickel X-ray structure Hydrosilylation Dysprosium N-arylation Hirshfeld surfaces Helicene

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