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The LCAR (Laboratoire Collisions-Agrégats-Réactivité) is a laboratory centered in fundamental physics organized around two main fields

  1. The study of laser-matter interaction focuses on matter waves studies and strong-field physics
  2. The study of molecular structures and dynamics develops the study and measurement of the properties of clusters, molecules of biological interest, and nano-objects in their environment

Research teams in the lab

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[hal-02935647] Effect of electrical conduction on the electron emission properties of diamond needles


[hal-02935610] Capacitive effect in ultrafast laser-induced emission from low conductance diamond nanotips


[hal-02916953] Computation and analysis of bound vibrational spectra of the Neon tetramer using row orthonormal hyperspherical coordinates.


[hal-02915964] Threshold collision induced dissociation of pyrene cluster cations


[hal-02904427] The sonorous beat of optical waves in a Michelson interferometer