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Bibliométrie Hydrogeophysics Algorithms 13 chlorofluorocarbons 4753+n Continuous Time Random Walks 36-kb inversion Fractured media Analyse multi-échelle Animals Active layer CST Fracture Point cloud Numerical modeling IST Flowmeter LIDAR RNA-Seq Dispersion Grain size Hydrology Agriculture Analyse de stabilité linéaire Groundwater quality Vegetation Temperature Carbon turnover A-DTS Fractured rock Hydrogéologie 3D bed topography Polyploidy Cartographie Anthropogenic forcing Groundwater residence time Géologie Paléontologie Groundwater Science 3D change detection Modélisation Transit times Agricultural practices 3D mapping Phytoplankton Upscaling New-Zealand Lake Chad basin Tea bag Culture Above-water and underwater conditions Hotspot reactivity Agrostis stolonifera 3D point clouds Classification Airborne topographic LiDAR Reactive transport Allolobophora chlorotica Fractured aquifers Zone critique Anthropogenic contamination Bathymetry Apprentissage statistique Hydrogeology Massif Central CFC Mixing Airborne remote sensing Borehole velocity Anomalous Transport Information scientifique et technique Connectivity Rooibos tea Land use 16S rRNA Nitrate Education 16S/18SrRNA Geomorphology Culture scientifique et technique Vulgarisation Long-term monitoring Lidar Corsica 0560Cd Fluid deformation Denitrification Allolobophora icterica ATBI Sélune Landslides Chloridoideae Green tea Sciences de la Terre Porous media Damköhler number Aporrectodea caliginosa Earthquakes Heterogeneity