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Nanostructure EIS Powder metallurgy Aluminum alloy High energy ball milling Dislocations Nanoindentation Nano-indentation In situ synchrotron XRD Mechanical-properties SEM Electrical resistivity Process Parameters Osteoblast Acier ODS Deformation mechanism Copper Twinning X-ray diffraction Beta titanium alloys Metals TiMo alloys Slip Albumin protein Titanium Additive manufacturing Superélasticité Β titanium alloys Cytocompatibility Corrosion tests Activation energy Corrosion resistance Shape memory alloys ODS ferritic steels Microstructure Amorphous materials Martensitic transformations A Titanium Adhesion XPS Scanning electron microscopy DSC Stress-induced martensitic transformation Potentiodynamic polarization Texture Kinetic Deformation twinning Elastic modulus Interdiffusion Transmission electron microscopy TEM Recrystallization Digital image correlation Ion implantation Anisotropic Behaviour Macrophage Phase diagram Alliage Dilatometry Artificial saliva Behavior Martensitic transformation Low modulus In situ straining Tensile tests Anisotropy Differentiation Surface electron diffraction Superelasticity Inverse Analysis 1 1 01 1 0α Biomedical applications Beta-titanium alloy Titanium alloy Transmission electron microscopy Inflammatory response Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing Artificial neural networks Stress-induced martensite Thermomechanical processing Mechanical milling Stress induced martensite Alpha/beta-titanium-alloy 1 1 21 1 1 β Manufacturing process Alliages de titane Nanosized pyrochlore EBSD Martensitic phase transformation Biocompatibility A Alloy Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys Titanium alloys Mechanical properties Surface nitriding HEMA Thermo-mechanical behavior Acidic artificial saliva Corrosion Plastic deformation

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