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A. Rubel-received-the and M. Sc, degree in digital image processing from the National Aerospace University,Department of Receivers, Transmitters and Signal Processing where he is currently pursuing the Candidate of Technical Science degree in digital signal processing for remote sensing. His interests include image enhancement and design of image processing algorithms. His current work focuses on image processing algorithms adaptation to different noise models and its effectiveness prediction, 2013.

V. Vladimir, ) in 1983 and got Diploma with honor in radio engineering Since then he has been with the Dept of Transmitters, Receivers and Signal Processing of National Aerospace University. He presented the thesis of Candidate of Technical Science and in 1988 and Doctor of Technical Science in 2002 in DSP for Remote Sensing. Since 1995 he has been in cooperation with Tampere University of Technology. Currently he is Dept Vice-chairman and Professor. His research interests include digital signal/image processing, remote sensing data processing, image filtering and compression

O. Karen, He is a leading scientist in signal, image, and video processing,with about 300 refereed journal and conference articles, three book chapters, and a book published by Marcel Dekker, Inc. His main interests are in the field of multirate signal processing, image and video denoising and compression, and digital logic, 1986.