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, addition of 1 equiv. of Pb(OAc)2 to 1 leads to three Soret bands with maxima at 422, 472 and 484 nm. They correspond respectively to 1, 1Pb.PbOAc and 1Pb2 (structure in Figure 3b). The latter bridged complex is not observed at NMR concentration, At UV-vis concentration (~5.10-6 M-1 )

, The Hg(II)-mediated Tl(I)-to-Tl(III) oxidation is considerably boosted by the presence of DMAP, see ref 12

, TfO-, AcO-and eventually Hg(II) and Tl(I)), possibly interacting with the complex in different manners (carboxylate of the strap, metal centre?) and affecting the Tl(III) intraligand dynamic, The broad 1 H and 205 Tl NMR signatures of 1Tl(III) formed by oxidation with mercury is likely due to the presence of various chemicals in the NMR tube (DMAP, Pb(II)