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, Couplings do not occur without barium (pre)catalyst

, With Ph3SiOH, dehydrocouplings are plagued by the formation of Ph3SiOSiPh3 generated upon Ba-promoted dehydration of the silanol

, 20:1 for 24 h at 25 °C only returned a 2:1 mixture of PhSiH2OSi(SiMe3)3 and PhSiHO{Si(SiMe3)3}2 after near-quantitative conversion of PhSiH3, vol.40

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, Full Eyring analysis could not be performed, as we could not assess the intrinsic rate constant k owing to the uncertainty on the partial kinetic order in

. ?h-?-=, Uncertainty concerned ?S ? ; values of -16.8(5) and -4.3(5) cal?mol -1 ?K -1 were estimated assuming partial kinetic orders of 1 or 2 in [Ba]. These values are consistent with an associative mechanism, as might be expected for such Ae-mediated dehydrocouplings, vol.14

, )?10 -5 s -1 ) displayed reaction rates identical to those of these two Ba-amide precatalysts, vol.12, pp.22-28