, htm). 4. Schematic map produced by shifting the bathymetry 10 metres and incorporating qualitative sedimentation phenomena and deepening, pp.1887-1952, 1927.

, Gulf of Morbian area: Different styles of artistic depictions are combined with historic photographs and historic mapping to recreate past landscapes: Combining Data Sources for Long-Term Analysis 52 Saint-Servan Promontory, France The use of historic maps, heritage feature data and historic aerial photographs have enabled the analysis of change around the, Saint-Servan

, The beak of the alluvial bar led to modification in the use and frequentation of the area. On the ancient map (18th century, Ministère de la Défense, Vincennes) (c) some remains of the alluvial bar still appear. (d) 20th century view (IGN map), Above: Saint-Servan (Alet) promontory and coastal evolution of the harbour: evolution of the topography before (a) and after (b) the 4th century AD