, mean ± SD) whose levels significantly varied in shoots of E. nuttallii exposed for 24h to Cd, IHg 620 and MeHg (bold font = p-value <0.05), relative to control plants. n=3; mean ± SD) whose amounts significantly varied (relative to control) in the cytosol of E. nuttallii 626 exposed for 24h to Cd, IHg and MeHg

, Figure 1. Principal component analysis of amino acids, organic acids, sugars and polyols measured in shoots (A) and cytosol (B) of E. nuttallii exposed 24h to 281 µg·L -1 Cd, 70 ng·L -1 IHg and, pp.30-31

, MeHg, and their control (ctl) (n=6 and 3 ± SD, respectively). PCA were calculated and plotted with the package ade4

?. Cd, IHg and MeHg effects were compared in shoots and cytosol by metabolomics ? In shoots, Cd showed higher regulation, but MeHg regulated more pathways ? In cytosol, Cd had the higher impact, IHg had low effect and MeHg had very low effect ? MeHg impacts N homeostasis, and Cd results in an osmotic stress-like pattern ? Metabolomics support different molecular toxicity pathways for the three metals