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, Acronyms of viruses detected in human male genital tract are spelled out in table 1. HERV: human endogenous retrovirus ; LCMV : lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus; SIV :simian immunodeficiency virus End: endothelial cells; Ep: epithelial cells; F: fibroblasts; GC: Germ cells; Int: interstitial cells; LC :Leydig cells; M? :macrophages; PT: peritubular cells, SC: Sertoli cells

, EAV persistence in the semen and ampullary gland of infected stallion can last from several weeks to lifelong, vol.37

, Organ abbreviations: AG, ampullary gland; BG, bulbourethral gland

E. , ;. Sv, ;. , ;. Vd, and V. Deferens,

, Acronyms of main viruses detected in human male genital tract are spelled out in table 1. Others virus abbreviations: ASFV, African swine fever virus

, Border disease virus; BHV-1, Bovine herpesvirus-1, BDV

, Bovine immunodeficiency virus; BLV, Bovine leukemia virus; BTV, Bluetongue virus

, Bovine viral diarrhea virus, BVDV

, CAEV, Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus

, Classical swine fever virus; EAV, Equine arteritis virus

, Equine herpesvirus; FMDV, Foot-and-mouth disease virus, EHV

, Lumpy skin disease virus; MVV, Maedi-visna virus, LSDV

, Porcine circovirus type 2; PEAV, Peaton virus, PCV2

, Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus; PEV, Porcine enterovirus, PEDV

P. Porv and . Rubulavirus,

, Porcine parvovirus; PRRSV, Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus; PRV, Pseudorabies virus, PPV

P. Ptv and . Teschovirus,

S. Sbv and . Virus,

, Small ruminant lentivirus

, SVDV, Swine vesicular disease virus