, = 13.1, 7.2 Hz, 1H). 13 C{ 1 H} NMR (125.8 MHz, vol.2

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. Mhz, HRMS (ESI/Q-TOF) calcd for C 38 H 43 B 2 FeNOP 2 Na [M+Na] + : 692.2261; found: 692.2247. Anal. calcd for C 38 H 43 B 2 FeNOP 2 : C 68, CDCl 3 ): ? +71.7 (br.s), +106.9 (br.s). HRMS (ESI/Q-TOF) calcd for C 38 H 43 B 2 FeNOP, vol.21

. Hz, 2-(?-Naphtylphenylphosphinito)-1-methyl-2-phenylethyl], Nmethylamino diphenylphosphine dichloropalladium complex 32. X-ray quality crystals were grown by slow evaporation of CH 2, 134.6 (d, J = 12.9 Hz), 134.8, 136.1 (d, J = 2.6 Hz). 31 P{ 1 H} NMR (121.5 MHz, vol.791, 1012.

, Slighty yellow crystals. 1 H NMR (500 MHz

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. Hz, 132.7 (d, J = 2.0 Hz), vol.132

. Hz, 8 Hz), 135.4 (d, J = 12.8 Hz), 135.4 (d, J = 12.8 to a one pot procedure. First, the AMPP*(BH 3 and the complex was used without further purification. 4.10.3. Dimethyl (1,3-diphenylallyl)malonate 28: 1 H NMR (300 MHz, vol.133

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